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The idea to continually improve work processes, lead MEC PRECISION in a new location. Today in the heart of the industrial park in the city of Granby, the company is performing particularly

To date, more than two million dollars was invested to acquire, modify and install new machinery to become a world class spindle repair facility.  This new setup includes a complete machining center, balancing rooms, tests rooms and separated assembly which has positive pressure to prevent contamination while assembling spindles.

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Our Equipments


MEC PRECISION acquired the first Weiler hybrid lathe in Quebec. This high quality precision lathe has given us the abilities to machine high precision parts and at the same time respect the tolerances of our spindle manufacturers. The precision of this lathe is up to 0.001um. With this hybrid tour, we can perform machining and produce parts, that meet the specific requirements of your standard or specific projects.


MEC PRECISION has two dynamic balancing benches, which can balance from 2 to 250 pounds shafts or rotors. Our equipment allows us to meet the balancing tolerances up to (G O.).


MEC PRECISION is a temperature and humidity controlled workshop. It has a measuring and assembly positive pressure rooms. These rooms are intended for spindle repairs in woodworking industry, plastic, granite and composites. They are also used for spindle repairs in the aerospace industry, automotive, aerospace and ferrous metals.

These rooms allow MEC PRECISION to guarantee the stability of parts and measuring instruments and give maximum performance of multiple repairs. In addition, this facilities help to prevent parts from contamination during assembly and can ensure validity of parts measurements, giving them the same temperature as the templates.


Our equipment allows us to verify the frequencies of the bearings, detect the vibration level, misalignement and also if there is any other defective parts Inside the spindle that could affect the vibration level. All these procedures are performed, without the constraint of dismantling the spindle.


MEC PRECISION has a surface grinder. This enables us to adjust the spacers, when they are defective or broken, in order to provide the appropriate pressure to bearings.


MEC PRECISION has high-precision tools, mainly mark MITUTOYO, to inspect and measure the parts and components of your spindle, as well as master templates of most common bearings (25 to 140 mm). All our equipment is calibrated every year.


Our CNC 3-axis allows us to engineer parts that may be broken or discontinued, from A to Z. This equipment helps us to reduce your downtime and we avoid having to use the services of subcontractors.


Our brand new Supertec CNC cylindrical grinding can be automated and is especially suitable for grinding high-precision workpieces. Complete our high-precision machining center. Operated by experienced and trained technicians, this multifunction device offers the possibility to do complex jobs or to rectify the scope or the bearing cage. It is also designed for grinding workpieces in individual, small batch and high volume production.