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Precision has been our business since 1970!


About MEC Precision


Provide exceptional CNC spindle and electric motor repair, maintenance and services to manufacturing customers across North America in a rapid and cost effective manner. Offer value to our customers by increasing their profitability and ensuring that their production lines run continuously and effectively and by creating solutions that maximize available resources. We continuously invest in equipment and experts that help us provide the best quality and service to our customers and that aide our team in finding alternative solutions to every CNC problem.


Passion is the real desire, with enthusiasm, always wanting to excel and give the best of ourselves for our customers and for the reputation of our company. This passion strives through an uncompromising commitment to excellence and quality of offered solutions, and our effectiveness.


Team spirit is the desire to combine our strengths and efforts with others in a common goal and to facilitate the functioning of the team. This is to have the reflex to proactively help each other to develop our expertise, recognizing that the difference of each member of the team is an asset for the performance of the organization. Team spirit also extends to the concern to communicate well, authentically (honest, transparent and without creating expectations), respectful and consistent information to the people concerned (both internal and externally with customers and suppliers).


Innovation requires everyone to think differently and to go further in thinking, priorising the effectiveness and efficiency of the customer solution. This is to constantly stay on top of new trends, new equipment, new processes and skills development opportunities that would enable us to achieve the mission and vision of our company.


Every member of the team is a corporate ambassador. In addition to our outstanding technical expertise, professionalism is reflected in our desire to work safely, our appearance, our attitude and behavior both internally and with our clients.

This included professional rigor, which is our pledge to provide high quality technical solutions to our clients. This rigor requires accuracy, attention to detail and accuracy of work (doing right first time).


Founded in 1970, MEC PRECISION began operations locally in Cowansville.

In 1983, the company is incorporated under the name “Les réparations de Moteurs Électriques de Cowansville. Originally, the company specialized in the repair and maintenance of industrial electric motors, whose mission is to analyze and optimize the production efficiency of its customers.

In 2008, the company is implementing several changes to increase its market share in Quebec. Alexandre Maurais, son of the founder, became President of MEC PRECISION. Following the decline of the local textile industry, the company had to diversify its services and refocus its operations. Thus, MEC PRECISION is redirected towards repair services of spindles, live tools, angle heads, servomotors, AC/DC motors and electronic components and related services for CNC.

Social Implication

Over the years, MEC PRECISION concentrated its donations at the sport, education and health levels. We believe in supporting our local community and non-profit organisations.

  • Formule Polytechnique Montréal
  • La boucle – Grand défi Pierre Lavoie
  • Tour Charles Bruneau
  • Vélothon BMP
  • Défi Pierre-Boivin-Triathlon d’hiver
  • Association Québécoise des sports en fauteuil roulant
  • Fondation école Chantignole
  • Club de gymnastique Les Hirondelles

Direction Team

Alexandre Maurais


The young president of MEC PRECISION working in the field for over 20 years. In reaching this capacity Alexandre patiently climbed the various levels of the family business. This allowed him to gain maturity and a understanding of the environment, he become a reference in the field of electric motor. He constantly seeks to innovate and improve working methods; Alexandre brilliantly and proudly assumes is role at MEC PRECISION.

Philippe Verrier

Operation manager

Holder of a university diploma in electrical engineering from the well-known École de technologie supérieure, Philippe acts as director of operations at MEC PRECISION since 2012. His passion is to offer a second life to damaged equipment of our customers, saving them time and money.

Manon Bernier


Graduate from the notable school of management HEC Montreal, Manon cumulates over 15 years’ experience in business. Today, she intelligently exercises controller role within the MEC PRECISION team. Manon’s mission is to guide decision making for the betterment of the company.

Marc Chabot

Workshop manager

Marc has nearly 30 years of experience in the world of electric motor. All steps of motor repair have no secrets for our highly respected workshop manager. Within the MEC PRECISION team for over 20 years, Marc ensures that there is to do for each member of his team and in the best conditions, so is his mission.

Louis-Philippe Cartier

Sales and customers service coordinator

With a bachelor’s degree in athletic training, the team concept is very important for Louis-Philippe. A concept that he implements both internally and externally when he teamed with you dear customers, and that, through all steps of your projects. At MEC PRECISION he is THE sales and customers service coordinator.

Sabrina Tardif

Procurement and logistic Manager

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Health and Safety from the University of Montreal, Sabrina is the Director of Procurement and Logistics at MEC PRECISION.  Since 2009, Sabrina applies her knowledge in the field of purchasing for the electronic and aerospace global markets.  Her mission is to understand and respond to the needs of internal and external customers in the shortest possible time while establishing and building long term relationships.


Guillaume Aubin


Benoit Bouthiette


Stéphane Brodeur

Accounting Technician

Philippe Cabana


Yves Chabot


Guy Jr Coulombe


Arnaud Duguay


Guylaine Fausse

Procurement and logistic Agent

Dennis Gorham

Quality Control Coordinator

Philippe Guertin


Patrick Jacob


Carl Lajeunesse


Bruno LArouche

Shipping and receiving clerk

Alexandre Lajoie

Customer service Agent

Philip L'Écuyer


Rodney Rychard


Rosaire St-Amant


Marc-Antoine St-Pierre