Installing and uninstalling spindle


The art of precision

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Our certified team, our 10 years experience and our advanced equipment allow us to perform more than a hundred repairs per year.

  • Installing and uninstalling spindles across Canada (on several CNC machine brands)
  • One year warranty
  • North American Center for FRANZ KESSLER allowed for HURON CNC machine
  • North American Territory
  • Complete machining center (conventional lathe and CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, surface and cylindrical grinder)
  • New facilities since 2014
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Using our internal ERP software, we are able to offer repairs of the highest quality standards.

  • Identification of the spindle and the entering problems in our ERP system
  • Preliminary tests (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric)
  • Measuring in µm critical parts to specifications and tolerances of manufacturers
  • Detailed quote with pictures, follow up until approval
  • Complete in-house rewind (if required)
  • Precision machining or grinding of parts according to the manufacturers specifications
  • Dynamic balancing with report
  • Reassembly and final testing (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electric)
  • Complete long running-in period on testing benches simulating your CNC spindle operations
  • Quality control
  • Packaging (injection molding system to prevent damage) and shipping
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Preventive maintenance on the spindle is to detect in advance possible anomalies at the costumer’s place. This procedure on a regular basis will help extend the spindle life and to minimize breakdown on CNC machine.

  • Testing of the run-out of the taper in µm
  • Testing the surface contact of the taper (%)
  • Verification of the temperature at the maximum speed
  • Testing of run-out with calibrated test bar at 30 mm and 300 mm
  • Analysis of the bearings condition
  • Analysis of the vibration level in mm/sec
  • Verification of the spindle lubrication system and chilling unit
  • Testing of the retention force (Kn) of the draw-bar system
  • Proceed to the electrical test of the stator (if needed)
  • Verification of all proximity sensors
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MEC PRECISION is an authorized distributor for the German brand of spindle FRANZ KESSLER.


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