Dynamic balancing

Dynamic balancing

It’s all about balance!

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The unbalance of a rotating equipment is a major cause of premature wear of the mechanical condition of the motor bearings. During these critical situations MEC PRECISION is the solution and offers many benefits …

  • Balancing Standard up to G 0.1
  • From 1 lbs to 400 lbs
  • Work done in less than 24 hours (depending on quantity)
  • Reduced vibration and noise
  • Respect the following ISO standards 2372, 3945, 7919, 10816, 18436-2
  • Increased precision machining / milling
  • Increased life of cutting tools
  • Increased bearing life
  • Maintenance cost becomes lower
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Our qualified team is able to meet different critical situations according to the rigorous process here …

  • Reception of the part and identification in our computer system
  • Establish with the client where we can add or remove weight
  • Confirm the standard of quality needed before the work is performed
  • Detailed report after balancing
  • Packaging via an injection molding system to prevent damage during transportation and shipment

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