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MEC PRECISION has now more than 15 years specializing in the rebuild/repair of spindles for CNC machine owners in the industry of ferrous metals such as aerospace, automobile and molding.

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Spindles routers

MEC PRECISION has now more than 20 years specializing in the repair of high-speed motors for CNC machines owners in the industry of woodworking, granite, marble, plastic and composite materials.

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MEC PRECISION is highly qualified to repair servomotors and encoders on CNC machines or supply chain. Due to our specialized equipment and our certified technicians, we are able to determine the pin-out of the connectors, realign and repair virtually all brands of servomotors and encoders.

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CNC Services

MEC PRECISION offers preventive maintenance services on CNC machines for spindles, servomotors, ball screws, vacuum pumps and aggregates. We also provide technical services such as spindle replacement when obsolete and complete retrofit on spindle brands such as HSD, SCM, CMS, UMBRA, COLOMBO, ELTE and PERSKE.

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AC/DC Industrial electric motors

MEC PRECISION has a 45 years long experience in the repair, rewind, and sale of AC/DC motors (ranging from 0.2 HP to 500 HP) such as pumps, compressors, fans, gearboxes, single-phase motors, transformers, both for residential, industrial and agriculture customers.

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Dynamic balancing

MEC PRECISION is equipped with advanced equipment (SCHENCK and BALANCEMASTER) to perform dynamic balancing of motor rotors, shafts, fans, pumps impellers and pulleys.

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Vibration analysis

Our equipment and our certified technicians enable us to move in your workshop to perform an analysis of vibration of your equipment. See more details about this the solution offered by MEC PRECISION.

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Aggregates, angle heads and live tools

MEC PRECISION also specializes in the sale and repair of aggregates, multi-drill, angle heads and live tools in the field of aerospace, woodworking and composite materials for CNC machine owners.

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Vacuum pumps

MEC PRECISION specializes in sales and repair of vacuum pumps as BECKER in various industries like woodworking, food processing, packaging, and medical sector.

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Taper grinding

In its wide range of solutions MEC PRECISION offers taper grinding. On site or in our workshops, we are able to answer you properly.

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Electronics and inverters

MEC PRECISION has more than 10 years of experience in the repair of frequency inverters, servo drive, e-cards, industrial electronics, HMI and controller repair.

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